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Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage
Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage


In 1965 in rural England, a former test pilot and aviation engineer famous for his work on the Spitfire aircraft, Owen Finlay Maclaren used his knowledge of lightweight load-bearing airplane structures to create a new type of folding stroller inspired by visits from his daughter and her baby wheeling around a bulky pram of the time. Maclaren recognized the need for a pram that could fold compactly and was lightweight and convenient for travel for a new generation of active families.

Famous for his work on the undercarriage landing gear of the Spitfire aircraft, Maclaren adapted his aeronautical invention of folding landing gear to create the world’s first folding stroller. The new Baby Buggy® folded like an umbrella with lightweight portability that appealed to a new generation of active parents on the move. Where previous strollers folded in half, Maclaren’s patented frame folded in half and in on itself – like an umbrella – smaller and lighter than any product that came before. The one-step umbrella-fold design allowed busy parents to quickly fold the stroller with one hand, while holding the baby in the other - forever changing the world of baby transport.

Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage

The principles of our patented 1965 design have remained essentially unchanged to this day – an innovation so revolutionary, Maclaren was honored by the Queen as a Member of the British Empire. Affectionately branded and trademarked as Baby Buggy®, the name has become the popular eponym to describe the entire category of umbrella folding strollers all over the world, similar to Hoover for vacuum cleaners, Kleenex for tissues, or Google for online search.

Design Icon

Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage
Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage

inventing the umbrella folding baby buggy®
– a revolution in portability

When introduced more than fifty years ago, the Maclaren B-01 Baby Buggy changed the way the world travelled with children – effortlessly folding with just one hand to the size of an umbrella and weighing only three kilograms. A design so revolutionary and timeless it has been recognised as a design icon and is treasured in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) and the Design Museum in London, as well as in book references in Phaidon Design Classics, Dyson Icons of Design, and Century Makers as “one of the hundred most clever inventions that have changed our lives over the past century”.

Over the years, Maclaren has come to represent the very pinnacle of celebrated British Design in baby transport. Our award winning lightweight construction and enduring quality have been combined with world-class designers and luxury brands to create our celebrated Objects of Design editions – including partnerships with Burberry, Lacoste, Shanghai Tang, Philippe Starck, Juicy Couture, Jill Stuart, Lulu Guinness, Orla Kiely, Kate Spade, Mina Pernohen and BMW, to name a few. Applying principles of aeronautical engineering, materials, and construction, Maclaren’s revolutionary design was so innovative it has essentially remained unchanged since its creation in 1965 and is now industry standard.

Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage

Maclaren today

Maclaren is a global leader, uncompromising and visionary, with a passion for excellence that assures its on-going pre-eminence in the world of parenting. Dedicated to creating innovative and desirable products of the highest quality and standards, Maclaren is at the forefront of style and safety – trusted by parents around the world and leading in its industry in all respects. The Maclaren brand represents luxury and prestige and provides an unsurpassed experience to consumers worldwide.

The Maclaren Mission is “to maintain and strengthen its iconic position, inspired by its heritage, a rich history and a firm focus on the future, with its consumers always at the heart of its thinking”.

The Maclaren Vision is to be "the ultimate lifestyle parenting brand, desired now and forever by parents who expect the best"

Maclaren Baby - About Maclaren | History & Heritage

Maclaren caters to the sophisticated and knowledgeable parent, discerning in style and conscious of the need for quality and safety.  Indeed, our brand tagline is “What a mother wants, What a baby needs”.  Our brand and logo have become iconic and contribute to our leading brand position.

Maclaren is founded on innovation and has a rich history.  We establish trends in our markets and set standards in our industry.  We are founded on innovation with an ethos of safety.  Maclaren products have revolutionised the world of parenting bringing functionality and mobility to the lives of modern parents.  Maclaren is the creator of the umbrella fold stroller and the travel system along with many other categories.  We innovate in services as well as in our business practices.  We are the only company in our market with a formal “Zero Tolerance” policy for anything that compromises safety, firmly rooted in Maclaren’s origins as an aviation company.  We are also the only brand in our industry that applies a single “Global Standard” of safety to all of its products, the highest and most comprehensive standard anywhere.  We believe parents anywhere in the world must be catered to by the same standards and commitment to safety and service.

Maclaren’s brand has met expectations of parents for generations.  We stand behind our products and our services worldwide and for a lifetime.  Our successful growth and global recognition is based on the confidence of our customers.  We have become the pre-eminent global luxury brand, with a global perspective, a global customer base and a global reach – all from the idea of one man with proud origins as a manufacturer in England.