painting with light: the all new maclaren

This year, we’re excited to introduce our latest buggy line-up with new colours and enhanced features across our core Collection, including all single and twin buggies.

Here are just some of the exciting enhancements:

  • Oversized Expandable Hood + Sunvisor – Parents can rest assured knowing their child is   completely protected in our UPF 50+, waterproof hood with extendable sun visor for even more coverage.
  • Lighter Overall Weight- Every gram counts!  Superlight weight and compact buggies allow for easy maneuverability, carrying and storing.
  • Enhanced Aviator Buckle- Provides added protection for the baby as well as more ease for parents when buckling and unbuckling their child.
  • Oversized Shopping Basket- Not only can you store more in the shopping basket, but it’s easier than ever to access your belongings. 
  • Four Wheel Suspension- This allows each wheel to move up and down independently so all four wheels will always be in contact with the ground, creating more stability and control when operating your buggy.
  • Consumer Replaceable Parts- Consumers can now purchase high wear items such as handles and wheels and easily replace at home.

We proudly stand by our principles of quality, service, safety and responsibility by offering the industry’s best warranty: The Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™.  We’re committed to advancing features that define higher standards of safety for products used by millions of families around the world.  Happy travels!