mark ii – lighter than air

we’ve reinvented the past to meet the future

Using the original design brief for our very first buggy as inspiration, we've applied modern materials, engineering, and nearly a half century of experience to create the lightest full-featured buggy. experience engineering the retractable aluminium landing gear of the Spitfire aeroplane, he set about creating the first "umbrella fold" baby buggy: the B-01.


the lightest full-size reclining stroller ever

When every gram counts. Mark II is the lightest full-size reclining stroller in the world. Mark II delivers a state-of-the-art designed chassis, aircraft-grade aluminium hexagonal tubing, and strong ultralight fabrics. Designed to withstand years of use, Maclaren's Mark II reinterprets the past to meet the future, incorporating innovation, science, and the highest of safety standards.

Chassis – The core of the Mark II is the aluminium hex chassis.
• The increased surface area of the hexagonal tubing, crafted from lightweight aluminium, delivers greater strength and durability whilst remaining extremely lightweight.
• All of the hardware has been optimised for light weight and high durability. Nylon plastics and fibre reinforcement reduce weight whilst enhancing structural integrity.

Wheels – Best of both worlds.
• Cable actuated linked brakes.
• Even with reduced weight as a top priority, 4-wheel suspension is featured.
• Each wheel has been sculpted to reduce weight and provide extra shock absorption.
• Closed cell technology traps pockets of air inside each wheel to give the soft ride of a pneumatic tyre while remaining maintenance-free.

Handles – Get a Grip
• An industry first — the handles are constructed with super soft and lightweight closed cell foam. They are antimicrobial and nine times more durable than ordinary grips.

Seat – Light and strong.
• The fabric used was originally designed for mountaineering, where reduced weight and strength are tantamount to survival.
• Mesh centre panel reduces weight and allows airflow in warm weather.

Straps – Safe and secure
• The carry strap allows you to easily sling the buggy over a shoulder whilst carrying a child.
• The tether strap was developed for added assurance to keep your buggy securely tethered to you no matter where you go.

Hood – Everything is light… except the shade.
• Extendable sun visor reflects rays for added protection.
• The massive hood provides UPF50+ sun protection, is waterproof, and has a peek-a-boo window. It is also tension-actuated to resist accidental breakage.

inspired by design

Colour Black :: Midnight Navy :: Marina :: Spicy Orange


Mark II Seat Liners – hexagon print and comfy style
The Mark II washable and padded seat liner cover the entire seat of the Mark II buggy and easily fastens to its harness straps, providing an extra level of comfort for your child. Dress-up and warm-up your Mark II buggy with the Mark II liner.

Mark II Footmuff – cocoons child in warmth and comfort
A must-have accessory for cool weather, our Mark II Footmuff has been custom designed to complement the Mark II stroller. The washable footmuff offers extra padding to enhance comfort whilst a zip-off panel allows for easy access. Covering the entire length of the seat, the footmuff keeps children warm and cosy.

Mark II Raincover – no more drips
A necessity for every stroller, the lightweight Raincover protects your child from rain, wind, and snow allowing for safe ventilation. Our clear raincover lets your child look out and you keep a close watch. It fastens quickly and securely to the Mark II buggy, as well as folds with ease for storage.

Mark II Mosquito Net – mo more buzz
Our two-panel protective netting covers the entire seat and affixes quickly to buggies. The top panel is made of a lightweight, see-through fabric whilst the bottom panel guards against tears.