first umbrella-fold buggy invented by owen maclaren – the original b-01 buggy.

A former test-pilot and aeronautical engineer, Owen Maclaren was one of the design engineers of the WWII Spitfire fighter aeroplane. In the 1960s, he applied his knowledge to a very different field: baby buggies.

Revolutionizing child transport

Prior to this, child transportation had remained unchanged for over 200 years. The old-fashioned perambulator, or pram, as it was commonly known, was out of sync with modern times. It was heavy, unwieldy and virtually useless for anything other than walking around one's own neighbourhood.

While meeting his first grandchild and her parents at the airport, Owen watched as they struggled to exit the plane with their cumbersome pram. It was here that his revolutionary idea was born: a folding "baby buggy".

Drawing on his experience engineering the retractable aluminium landing gear of the Spitfire aeroplane, he set about creating the first "umbrella fold" baby buggy: the B-01.

Child transport was changed forever.

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Groundbreaking design

The B-01 is considered a ground-breaking design. It completely changed the way parents travelled with children. It was was the first lightweight, aluminium baby buggy. It effortlessly folded with just one hand to about the size of an umbrella and weighed only 3kg/6lb.

The B-01 became an immediate design icon, and the world at large agreed: over two million were sold in the first 10 years.

old school cool: the new b-01

50 years ago, Owen Maclaren changed modern parenting when he invented the first umbrella fold buggy: the B-01. Now after half a century of meticulous refinement, we pay tribute to the original with our 50th anniversary edition of the B-01.
We've reverse-engineered the iconic style of the original using the best modern materials and features. Graced with a vintage Maclaren logo and a commemorative coin embedded in the hood tensioner, the modern B-01 is suitable for children from 6 months and up to 15kg/55lbs.