march for giants launches global campaign! the world's first digital campaign to protect african elephants

It is our job to lead responsibly

Maclaren, a global leader in the parenting industry, is as passionate about creating products that enhance family life as they are about contributing to social and environmental causes. Since our 50th Anniversary, Maclaren has been dedicated to helping ensure elephants - the world’s biggest and most loved animal - exist in the wild for future generations.

Over the course of one month, Maclaren and Space for Giants partnered to #MarchforGiants in the world’s first digital out of home global campaign linking a herd of elephants to march across key digital billboards in Hong Kong, London and New York. It is the first time state-of-the-art digital design technology has joined with global advertising might to create a charitable event that circles the world from Asia to the Americas to Europe, highlighting the urgent need for a global response to the threat to Africa’s elephants.

Our four-day march included:

  • + HONG KONG: 7pm on Thursday, March 23rd @ CTV screen at Chungking Mansions in Tsin Sha Tsui
  • + NEW YORK CITY: 6:30pm on Thursday, March 23rd @ Reuters Screen in Time Square
  • + LONDON: 8:30am on Friday, March 24th @ Westfield Stratford City
  • + UK: 8:30am Saturday, March 25th @ Media Eyes, Birmingham and Sunday, March 26th Printworks, Manchester

The campaign was supported by over 2,760 individuals from over 28 countries worldwide, reached a staggering 100 million people in a truly global audience during the month of March. The campaign’s twitter impact saw 171,000 impressions over the month leading up to and including the campaign, averaging 5,500 per day. In addition, a high number of high profile celebrities and personalities publicly supported the campaign, amongst them Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley and Space for Giants Ambassadors Elizabeth Hurley and Anna Friel.

“As a digital herd, our intention was that the predominant impact of the campaign would be online, facilitating easy sharing and encouraging awareness and uptake of this innovative concept through a variety of social media channels.” -Max Graham, Founder & CEO Space for Giants

As part of The Maclaren Handprint™ programme and ongoing efforts to ensure elephants exist in the wild forever, Maclaren designed an elephant-print buggy seat liner with proceeds going to the cause.

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