family friendly interior design

Family revolves around the home, a place where both you and your little ones can find comfort and calm. Creating a space that is kid-friendly and stylistically ambitious may seem like an impossible feat, but with a few tips and tricks, transforming your home into a family-forward setting is possible.

From minimalism to shabby chic, and Art-Deco to Fengh Shui, the list of interior design trends for 2019 goes on and on. One trend that is catching many eyes this season reaches further than home design, fostering a state-of-mind that cultivates togetherness and comfort - ideal for the family-focused abode.

It all starts with Hygge, a Danish style pronounced “Hoo-gah”, translating into a feeling of coziness and warmth. According to Helen Russel, Hygge expert, the definition of Hygge is the “complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming.” Think: no phones, more family time, and the ultimate feeling of peace with your loved ones. Creating a space that fosters this ideal is made feasible with a few key design principles:

1) Neutral Colors

It all starts with a simple color palette that is easy on the eyes and comforting for a night in with the family. Warm greys, bright whites, and wooden accents will feel both homey and chic. Focus in on these hues to bring your multi-faceted space together.

2) Cozy Textures

Cushions and knit blankets can bring a new level of relaxation and hominess into your space, encouraging the family to come together and spend time as one. When designing each room make sure to bring pillows with varied textures into the space, to create a simple form of visual appeal. Pro-tip: Use your many new pillows to build a fort with your little ones on your next night in for a fun family activity!

3) Knicks and Knacks

Hygge is all about the feeling of true happiness, so bring in some knick and knacks of yours and the kids’ to add personality into your space. Frame your children’s artwork and display it along with some of your personal favorite paintings and family pictures. Don’t forget to bring out nostalgic family items to really make your house a home. Place smaller more delicate items up high, to make sure the kids can’t break the pieces or hurt themselves.

4) Nooks

A great reading nook is perfect for storytime or a rainy day reading your favorite novel. These little corners are quite common in the Hygge style, with the Danish referring to them as hyggekrog. Keep things nice and tidy by doubling up on your nook as a storage space by using benches to hide away the kid’s favorite books and toys.

5) Soft Lighting

Candles and twinkling lights can make any room instantly more inviting and fun. Warm and cozy scented candles are a great play on the senses by providing a source of lighting along with aromatics. Make sure to place candles up high to avoid any of the little one’s coming in contact with them.

Hygge is meant to be embodied as a lifestyle; carry this into your day-to-day by staying organized and cozy while spending time with your loved ones.

Maclaren designs each product, from buggies to accessories with family in mind, fostering the true meaning behind Hygge. Implement this concept into your daily life with a little help from the Mac Sac, a toiletry bag designed in a cozy texture, ideal for keeping all your little one’s essentials in one spot. Take things one step further with our Universal Organizer, for easy access to all your children’s most important needs. Use all these concepts to focus on spending time with the family and cherishing the countless memories created with your little ones this week.