Valentine's Day with the Littles in Your Life

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and the little ones are buzzing with excitement for the big day. This lovely holiday typically translates to all-you-can-eat chocolate and cute crafts for the children in your life. But steering away from the candy and romantic cards associated with the big day, this holiday is all about showing your loved ones how much you truly care about them. So get the best of both worlds this Valentine’s day by spending quality time with your little ones, all while checking the to-do lists for the holiday.


1. Start the day off right with a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast. We love these pink hued pancakes that are both delicious and nutritious, with natural dye from beets. Don’t be afraid to get right into the holiday mood with this kid-friendly Valentine’s Day playlist while you’re munching away at your delicious breakfast.


2. Now for the fun part. Time to go get everyone’s favorite thing, chocolate! Head to your local convenience store or chocolatier and pick out your little one’s favorite chocolates for the big day. Make sure to bring the Volo along to make shopping with your little ones as easy as can be! 


3. Now that the kids are loaded up on their favorite sweets, it’s time to start crafting. We are big fans of this Valentine’s Day themed suncatcher. You can hang these up in your home and let the sunshine through in wonderful colors to make the day even more festive.



4. Finish the day off strong with movie night with your kids. Opt for a family friendly romantic movie to make sure the whole family can get in on the fun. Some of our favorite options include Lady and the Tramp, Princess Bride, Beauty and the Beast, and Enchanted.


And that’s a wrap on the big day! Spending time with the little ones on momentous holidays such as Valentine’s Day is sure to create memories for a lifetime.