how to: travel with tiny ones

For many parents, the thought of embarking on a vacation outside the realm of your neighborhood playground, backyard pool or local children’s museum can be terribly daunting. Envisioning yourself towing suitcases, lugging diaper bags and abundant baby supplies, while potentially dealing with a fussy, teary-eyed travel companion is enough to intimidate any new parent, no matter how seasoned a traveler they may be. The reality is, when traveling with your baby or toddler you will survive. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep up your sleeve to keep it fun!

1. Keep it Light

Once you’ve decided on your destination, start considering what kind of activities you’ll be doing. Will you be exploring a city with cobblestone streets? Walking to the beach everyday to plop yourself in a chair for the day? Regardless of how much traveling you’ll be doing once you get there, a lightweight buggy like the Maclaren Volo is a great option for transporting your baby across all types of terrain. Perfect for parents on-the-move, the Maclaren Volo features a breathable seat that’s ideal for warm weather and is easily compacted to squeeze in small spaces when you need to store it at a restaurant or in a cab. For over five decades, Maclaren has supported active families, and the Volo, the world’s lightest full-size stroller, is a trustworthy travel companion that will make your family vacation a breeze.