How to Get the Whole Family Psyched on Spring Cleaning Season

Spring is upon us, which means we’re going to start hearing birds chirping in the early morning, getting outside more to feel the fresh air, and you guessed it: spring cleaning! The start of spring is the perfect opportunity to get everyone in your family involved in cleaning up and decluttering around the house. If you’re a household that seems to collect an overwhelming amount of stuff by the time spring cleaning season rolls around, this may seem like a daunting task, especially with kids around who would rather play outside than spend a Saturday doing chores. Luckily, decluttering is in style thanks to Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method and there are a few simple and painless steps to get back on track to a clean and clutterless household that you can get the whole family involved in helping with!

1. “Make tidying a special event, not a chore”


We love this Marie Kondo “Tidy Tip” because it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to start fresh for spring. Whether your child’s playspace is overflowing with toys that barely get touched, your home office flooded with paper and your kitchen full of miscellaneous clutter, it might be time for a special event cleaning in order to get back on track. “Once you have achieved this first goal, daily tidying is the very simple task of putting things back together where they belong,” Kondo says.

2. Storage: an ingenious solution


Once you’ve done your special event cleaning, evaluate the state of your storage. Do you have enough? Does everything have its own place to live? You may consider purchasing more storage options for things that can easily tucked away when they’re not being used. You’ll be surprised at how clean your living room looks without toys scattered every which way! Once your home is organized, you will be inspired to put everything in your life in its place, including your stroller accessories. When you’re out of the home, running errands to running to daycare drop-off, keep your essentials organized and at-the-ready with a buggy organizer likethis one from Maclaren. Your daily routine will undoubtedly seem more manageable and less stressful once you go the extra steps to organize every important part of your life, and you’ll never find yourself digging through a bottomless pit of a purse to find your ringing cell phone again!

3. It’s all fun and games

Take this time of ultimate organization and spring cleaning as an opportunity your kids about daily tidying. Once you invest in new storage solutions, show your children their toys’ new home, and spend time teaching them that this is where they need to go whenever they’re not being played with. Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller’s favorite tip for making picking up toys fun is to turn it into a game: “ We try to put all toys of a certain type where they belong in 30 seconds to “win” and then move on to the next one. The race against time makes it fun. By cleaning with my children and making it a positive (and often silly) experience, I’ve found that it encourages good habits, saves time due to teamwork, and eventually inspires them to tackle the task on their own.” 

4. Maintain, maintain, maintain

Ah yes, the hard part. Once you surmounted the daunting task of spring cleaning for the season, you may feel like you’re set for life. How could this meticulously organized and clean home turn to into a mountain of clutter ever again? Yet, if we stop putting energy into daily tidying, as Kondo calls it, that’s when piles start to form, stuff starts to accumulate, you become lazy about storage organization and we’re right back where we started. Teach your children how to create habits that are maintainable by leading by example. Everytime you create clutter within the home, make a point of putting things back where they belong without taking shortcuts. Keep up with a chore chart and making organization fun for them. Create daily to-do lists for everyone in the family, you and your partner included. Buy a label maker! Form habits that stick, and the cleaning will always feel mangable. Happy spring cleaning from Maclaren!